Prairie Wind Transmission, LLC., is a joint venture formed by Evergy and Electric Transmission America — a joint venture of subsidiaries of American Electric Power and Berkshire Hathaway Energy — to build and own new electric transmission assets in Kansas.

Prairie Wind Transmission Project

  • Approximately 108 miles of extra-high-voltage 345-kV double circuit transmission lines.
  • Links a 345-kV substation near Wichita, Kan., to a new 345 kV substation northeast of Medicine Lodge, Kan. near the Flat Ridge I Wind Farm jointly owned by Evergy and BP Alternative, and then south to the Kansas/Oklahoma border.
  • Estimated project cost of $170 million.

Project Benefits

  • Increases the reliability of the transmission system and the capacity to move power in the area, providing utilities and customer’s access to lower cost electricity.
  • Enhanced electricity transport in Kansas and support expansion of renewable electricity generation in the region.
  • Advances federal policy for a more robust transmission system to ensure the reliability of our nation’s electricity grid and promotes the Kansas policy to rapidly develop wind energy and the transmission network required to support it.
  • Provides economic benefits in terms of construction jobs, tax revenue and helping local economies near wind farm developments.